What if I told you that there is an awesome yoga pose that helps to improve your balance, while also providing you with a great hip and shoulder opener?  This pose is Eagle pose, and believe me, you want to get to know this pose!

I filmed a full-length yoga class that is all about Eagle pose.  This class includes:

  • some of the benefits of this pose, 
  • the best ways to enter and exit this pose, 
  • demonstrations & modifications for beginners

You can access this free Eagle Pose class right here or watch below:
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Eagle pose (sometimes called Garudasana) is everything I LOVE about yoga.  Our bodies can do more than one thing at a time.  We are great multi-taskers; we can balance and stretch at the same time!  Some major benefits you gain by practicing eagle pose include:

  • Stretches hips deeply. Eagle pose is a deep hip opener. The further you sit back in the chair position, and the tighter you wrap your legs, the deeper the hip stretch.
  • Promotes deep breathing. Wrapping your arms in front of you helps open the back of the lungs, increasing the ability to breathe deeply.
  • Increases focus and balance. Setting your gaze on a fixed point ahead of you while balancing challenges your concentration and allows you to come fully into the present moment. Balance will improve with practice.
  • Helps open the shoulders. Whether you make the full bind or simply bring your arms to touch as a variation, eagle pose will help stretch and open up tight shoulders. (source)

As you practice this week, add an Eagle pose or two in each day and feel the benefits for yourself.



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Jen Bonny
Certified Yoga Instructor

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