Congratulations! You’ve reached the final step of your Yoga Habits Mentoring course where you can share your review of your personal experience of going through this course!

Sharing a helpful review gives you the chance to help other people in the world get better acquainted with Jen’s Yoga Habit’s Course so they can feel more confident in their decision to move forward with turning yoga into a life-changing habit just like you.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to prepare and share your review:

1: Be sure to describe the Before and After experience of your situation. For example describe what health and fitness limitations did you have before the Yoga Habits Mentoring course? What situation were you in? Consider your previous mindset and yoga practice? Describe those things.

From there describe any results you gained by going through the course with Jen? Did you turn yoga into a daily or weekly habit? What did you learn? Did you become more flexible? Gain greater peace in your life? Better balance? Anything else? Share all or anything that would help the reader of your review.

And that’s it!

If there’s anything else you feel would be helpful to include in your review do so.

The only wrong review would be a review that just says “It was great” and that’s it. We’re not looking for that. Instead take the time to write out your thoughts in at least 1 to 5 paragraphs to share the depth of a quality review sharing answers to any or all the suggested questions of the Before and After experience.

It’s up to you if you want to write out your review or do a video recording of your review.

Alright, all set!

To send Jen a VIDEO REVIEW follow the steps below:

Sharing a video review is the #1 preferred method we love to receive.

To record a video review there are 2 simple options you can choose:

1- This is the easiest option for most people. You can book a time to do a video interview with Jen on Zoom. It’s very simple. You schedule a time on her calendar by Clicking Here and she’ll ask you a couple questions about your experience working with her and going through the yoga courses. Jen will record the Zoom review session while both of your video cameras are on. Once your recorded review is done on Zoom with Jen she will save that video to her computer and that’s it! There’s nothing else you would need to do.

2- Use your phone camera or video recorder of your choice that has the capacity to export or share the final video with Jen. Once you’re done recording your video then export it to your computer. From there you can either upload your video to your favorite large file sending service like Dropbox or Google Drive. If you need any help with doing this option please call 801-709-1655 and speak with our tech support and ask for Trent and he’ll guide you through!

To send Jen a WRITTEN review fill out the form below.

Review Form

Your Name to Show on your Review
Share the situation you were in before meeting and getting help from Jen. What was your health like? Your mindset, fitness, flexibility, balance, etc?
Share the things you found most helpful in your experience? What results did you see? Is practicing yoga a daily or weekly habit now? If so how did that happen? What improved as a result of working with Jen and going through her courses?