The benefits of meditation are no longer debated, they are proven.  

For a deep dive on the benefits I found this Forbes article very interesting:

7 ways Meditation can actually change the brain.” 

In a nutshell some of the proven benefits of a regular meditation practice include:

  • Greater Happiness
  • Help manage anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Better sleep
  • Sharpen memory

Despite being aware of the many benefits, I find meditation is challenging for me to do regularly. And yes, that makes me laugh even as I write it! 

How can sitting quietly for a few minutes be so difficult?  Well, my busy mind, or monkey mind as yogi’s call it gets going and often times, I don’t feel successful after an attempt at meditating.

Thankfully, I found a guided mediation that works for me, and today I am sharing it with you.  This is by far my favorite meditation.  You can access this Free guided Metta Meditation be listening here:

Guided Metta Meditation by Jen Bonny at Let’s Practice Yoga

For me this Loving Kindness, or Metta Meditation has been extremely helpful in transforming my meditation practice from a frustrating empty experience into a happy, sometimes even emotional few minutes. 

I love this meditation because it isn’t just sitting quietly, counting your breath, this meditation has you repeat phrases and keeps your mind focused in a loving way as you experience stillness.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin meditating:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Assume a comfortable seated position
  • Scan the body.  Be aware of any held tension and with an exhale see if you can release it.
  • Find the sensation of breath in your body as you breathe naturally.  You may feel it in your chest or throat, or perhaps in your nose.  Simply feel the breath.
  • Your mind will drift. Simply, re-direct your attention back to your breath.  Over and over again.   Important to remember that it is not a moment of failure when you see your mind has drifted into daydreams, worry, etc.  Actually, that moment you notice your mind is doing something other than following breath is a moment you “woke up!”  It’s a helpful moment.  Just label it “thinking” and come back to “breathing.”  You may find yourself doing this for your whole meditation session.  That’s okay.  With time—like working out a muscle—your focus will increase.

    Source– from “Yoga” by Sarah Herrington

Try practicing this loving kindness (Metta) meditation every day this week and just make note of how you feel. 

Guided Metta Meditation by Jen Bonny at Let’s Practice Yoga

For me, when I am regularly meditating I notice that I am more patient and slower to react in stressful situations.  

I sincerely hope you have a lovely, peaceful week.


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