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Notice the course lessons below have been organized to guide you through with what to do each day. So do day 1 lessons in 1 day, and so forth. Each lesson is averages about 1 to 5 minutes, so not too long.

1b - Your 1st Mentoring Session

Day 1 – Book Your 1st Mentoring Call (Customized Yoga Plan For You)

1c - Watching on TV - Technology

Day 1 – Watching on TV – Technology – Optional Technology helpful hints

2a - 2nd Mentoring Session

Day 2 – Book your 2nd Mentoring Session with Jen

5a - 1st Nutrition Coaching Session

Day 4 – Book your First Nutrition Coaching Session

3rd Mentoring Session

Day 5 – Book your 3rd Mentoring Session With Jen

Module 6: Self Discipline Made Easy

Day 6 – Module 6 – Self Discipline Made Easy

5b - 2nd Nutrition Coaching Session

Day 6 – Book your Second Nutrition Coaching Session

4th Mentoring Session

Day 7 – Book your 4th Mentoring Session with Jen