These classes are short and sweet, usually under 20 min.This is a nice place to start if you are just building the habit of doing yoga and you want to keep things nice and easy!I have a bunch of different things in this class block.  For example, you will find a meditation, a breath exercise, and a 3 part course to help you do yoga if you are experience knee pain.

Beginner Yoga Mini Class for Your Hips (19 mins)

Actively Restore Your Flexibility (18 min)

This short hybrid yoga class mixes some awesome restorative yoga stretches with a few more active poses like downward facing dog and low lunge just to name a few.

Mini Beginner Yoga Class (16 min)

If you are brand new to yoga, or maybe just haven’t practiced for awhile, this class will be a good fit for you. We will move through a few standing, seated and reclining poses, each aimed at strengthening and stretching your muscles, and building your confidence to move forward with your yoga practice.