Race Recovery (30 min)

I have run quite a few races in my day and I know just what stretches feel good and benefit you most to help you recover faster.

This class is designed specifically for runners who have recently completed a long run or event and are looking for a yoga practice to aid in their recovery. This class will focus on gentle stretches and restorative postures that will help runners release tension, reduce soreness and stiffness, and promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relax Deeply (29 min)

This Yin style yoga class takes you through several nice seated and reclining poses. As you breathe and listen to your body you will learn how to relax into each pose.
Grab a bolster, a few blocks and maybe a little extra padding for your knee and enjoy your time on your yoga mat today.

Restorative Yoga for Arthritis (18 min)

Set up your yoga mat near a wall, and grab your yoga blocks, yoga strap, and get ready for a nice practice that combines invigorating poses that will strengthen the muscles around your joints, and also some soothing, and relaxing stretches.

Grateful For My Body Class (42 Mins)

Half and Half Restorative Flow (35 Mins)

This restorative yoga class begins with some muscle activation standing poses—a bit more active than your typical restorative class, but our muscles like activation. As class progresses we wind down to some really nice seated and reclining poses.

1b, Nice for Your Neck Yoga (32 Mins)

My Restorative Favorites (25 mins)

This class highlights some of my favorite restorative poses. We will use props like blocks and straps and the wall to help you get into passive poses so your body can experience the benefits of a pose without having to exert any effort.

Restorative Yoga for Hips

Fresh Air Restorative Yoga for Your Hips (29 Mins)

Restorative yoga is a restful practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. This class focuses on the hips. Many people of people hold tension and emotion in their hips. This restorative yoga flow filmed in the beautiful mountains of Utah, will loosen up those tight areas and leave you feeling great.

I Like to Move it Move it Restorative Flow (39 mins)

A more energizing restorative flow, where we are stretching our body using some muscle activation and a few standing poses to improve our flexibility.

Relax-Rejuvenate Restorative Yoga Flow (32 mins)

Enjoy this relaxing restorative flow that is mostly reclining and seated poses. This class is full of unique stretches that I don’t do often enough.

Evening Stretch (21 mins)

This class is not really a yoga class as much as it is just a few stretches that I do every night to improve my flexibility. When I am consistent about doing these stretches, I notice a huge improvement, especially in my hip and hamstring flexibility.