Beach Stretchy (17 min)

In this class I lead you through a few standing a seated poses that will energize your body and the beautiful scenery will uplift your mood. Your hips will especially thank you, as class includes a few deep hip openers like low lunge and pigeon pose.

This class was filmed on the beautiful Hideaway Beach in Princeville, Kauai.

Yoga at Hideaway Beach, Hawaii (24 min)

Enjoy this intermediate level class that was filmed on Hideaway Beach in Kauai, Hawaii!
This class includes lots of fun transitions, great hip stretches, and a fun arm balance/inversion.—Basically, All the Fun things!

Bound for Lake Powell Yoga Class

Bound for Lake Powell Yoga Class (43 Mins)

Restorative Yoga for Hips

Fresh Air Restorative Yoga For Your Hips (29 Mins)

Restorative yoga is a restful practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. This class focuses on the hips. Many people of people hold tension and emotion in their hips. This restorative yoga flow filmed in the beautiful mountains of Utah, will loosen up those tight areas and leave you feeling great.

Sunrise Beach Yoga Class at Butler Beach, Florida USA (48 mins)

Filmed on the stunning Butler beach in beautiful St. Augustine Florida.
Poses taught are: Triangle, Reverse Triangle, Side Angle, Twisting Side Angle, Gomokasana, arms and legs, Modified Bridge, Full wheel option. Modifications are cued throughout.

Fresh Air and Yoga Flow (31 Mins)

Filmed in a beautiful setting in the Utah mountains, this flow is sure to lift your mood. This is an all levels class with A few intermediate poses included, and optional modifications

Jamaica Class #2 (35 Mins)

a full body flow exploring a modified backbend and maybe a full wheel pose.

Jamaica Class #1 (29 Mins)

Full body practice, all level friendly, we explore bow pose, standing splits