This course is perfect for beginners who has never done yoga before.

Yoga Basics (5 min)

This short introductory video is the perfect starting place if you have never done any yoga before.
In this class we go over:
What props you might need
What to wear
A few yoga terms
What type of classes might be best to start with
A yoga pose for you to try

Sun Salutation Options (16 min)

In this class I go over modified, intermediate, and full sun salutations A and B. Providing you with plenty of options for you to feel great as you begin your yoga practice.

Take the time to get familiar with which version of the sun salutation is best for you.

If getting up and down from the floor is difficult, bring in a sturdy chair
2 blocks might also be nice.

Spine and Core (20 Min)

This yoga class is designed to help you build a strong and healthy back and core. Through a series of carefully sequenced yoga poses, you will develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body, while also increasing your mind-body awareness.

Calm and Centered (21 min)

This class includes the best of the best yoga poses to help you soothe your mind and calm your nervous system. Follow this flow and reconnect to the here and now through body awareness and intentional breathing.

Morning Yoga (15 min)

This short, beginner friendly class is part of my Never Have I Ever done yoga before course, and it focuses on energizing poses that are sure to help you start your day off right.
Grab a few blocks and meet me on your mat.

Restorative Yoga (19 Min)

If you have never done yoga before, this is the class for you!

Yoga to help you feel more energized (14 min)

This class has is a good mix of a few standing, and a few seated and reclining poses that are all known to be energizing.

Yoga to help you feel Calm (19 min)

The purpose of this sequence is to soothe the mind and the nervous system, facilitating a true sense of calm. As you progress through this flow, you will cool down your system, ground yourself, and reconnect to the here and now.

Yoga for Back and Core (15 min)

If you are looking to strengthen and stretch your back this is the class for you.
Grab two yoga blocks, and clear 15 minutes out of your day to enjoy this wonderful class.

Tighten and Tone (15 min)

In this class we will use our own body weight to develop strength in yoga. As you are increasingly able to hold your own weight you will feel mentally stronger, and your confidence will grow.