Start this course if you have completed my beginner course and feel you are ready for more, or if you have been doing yoga for awhile.  These classes are designed to go to a peak pose.  Meaning, the class is designed to open your body up and take all the prep poses leading you to the intermediate level peak pose.  As always, I love to teach to all levels, so modifications will be offered.

Arms and Abs Intermediate Flow (36 min)

If you are ready to test your limits and maybe try a few new poses, give this class a try.

Balance Pose Extended Hand to Big Toe (35 mins)

It is so important to work on our balance poses, especially as we age. Like a lot of things, if you don’t use it, you lose it!
Remember the tips to help you balance better
Look at something not moving
Tighten your core
If you come out, come back in slowly
Press down firmly under your big toe of your foot that is on the ground to keep a stable base.

Dancer Pose (33 mins)

Dancer pose is so much fun to try, although it can also be a physically challenging pose that requires flexibility in the spine, legs and hips and shoulders. Most of our class today will be spent on the prep poses with just a few minutes practicing this full pose.

Benefits of practicing this pose:
Improves balances
Boost energy
Stretches chest and shoulders
Strengthens hip flexor, and leg on standing side

Full Wheel Pose (31 mins)

In this class we explore several options for getting into a deeper backbend, possibly even a full wheel if your body is ready for that. Some of the benefits of full wheel pose are:

An energy boost! I really feel this one. Try this full wheel practice instead of your morning caffeine.
In class we will also stretch our chest muscles, strengthen our arms, wrists, legs, bum, abs, and spine, and this amazing heart opener also serves to improve posture.

Warrior 3 Pose (39 mins)

This balancing full body pose requires mental and physical work. Physically rooting down through the standing leg it is a big balance, lifting the other leg is a strengthening move, and holding that balance requires mental focus. Enjoy all the benefits yoga has to offer by practicing warrior 3 with me in this perfectly sequenced yoga flow.

Eagle Pose (38 mins)

Want to get the best shoulder stretch of your life, while also working to strengthen your legs, open your hips and oh yeah, all while balancing on one foot? Eagle pose is for you! This pose requires careful focus, and this class is just the thing to get you there.

Bakasana-Crow or Crane Pose (38 mins)

If you feel excited about the thought of trying out an arm balance, you might be ready for this class. If you are a little unsure, but still want to give it a try, just use the modifications, and make sure you have a bolster or blanket to place in front of you. It is important make sure that we have no wrist issues before we try the arm balance, so if your wrists are feeling a little tender today, just take the prep poses, and skip the full pose.
There are many benefits to arm balances including: strengthening your core, upper back, chest, front of your hips (hip flexors), arms, shoulders, forearms, and wrists. Arm balances are also know to help improve your mental focus.

Revolved Triangle (33 mins)

Try this class today if you are ready to explorer a BIG twist, a BIG leg strengthener, and BIG shoulder opener. Every time I teach this, I remember how challenging this pose is. Be kind and patient with yourself as you work on this one. In this class we will take all the preparatory poses to give your body a chance to open up and feel good in this pose. As with any pose, if your breath isn’t present come into a modification. Remember, we are all just practicing. Have fun!

Half Moon (36 mins)

This class explores the peak pose of ½ moon. This is another great pose demonstrating the Root to Rise component of yoga. You are really rooting down through your standing leg thus strengthening it, while your other leg is raised in the air, all the while maintaining balance. This is a fun one! This pose also helps with lower back pain, strengthens back, legs, hips, and abdomen, increases flexibility of spinal muscles and eases premenstrual tension.

Revolved Side Angle (29 mins)

This class explores a deep twist. Twists, improve digestion and relieve constipation, help ease low backache and sciatica. This pose also strengthens and stretches the legs, knees, ankles, groin, spine, chest, and shoulders.

Scandasana (33 mins)

Your hips and ankles will be stretched, and your mobility and flexibility will improve by adding scandasana into your regular yoga practice. Pay attention to the modification options. I highly recommend using BLOCKS as you start out with this pose.

Side Plank (28 mins)

Feel your entire body fire up, work your core and experience the OG of arm balances. If you have wrist issues, no problem–the first thing we do in this class is go over the modifications, and the second thing we do is stretch the wrists.

Camel Pose (37 mins)

This full length class guides you through all the prep poses that are recommended for Camel Pose. It will give you the BEST heart and chest opener, and toward the end of class your body might be ready to take the full pose. As always, modifications are thoroughly explained, and highly recommended if you are a beginner to this pose.

Bow Pose (33 mins)

Bow Pose is an intermediate backbend that deeply opens the chest and the front of the body. Many of us spend much of our day hunched over a computer, and this pose counteracts that posture. It feels so good to stretch your arms and lift your chest. Bending backward is a natural way to regain balance after hunching forward. As always, modifications are thoroughly explained.

Wild Thing (32 mins)

Explore the fun peak pose of Wild thing in this awesome class.
Get ready to open up your chest, lung, and shoulder areas, and also build strength in shoulders and upper back as we explore this fun pose.

Revolved Chair (31 mins)

Get ready for some quad burn and a nice twist! This pose is so great for maintaining that mobility in our spine and also a continued practice with this pose in it will help us to be able to get up and out of chairs with no problem. Practice this pose regularly to keep the quadricep muscles strong and ready for action.

Deeper Forward Folds (36 mins)

This class goes over several different versions of the classic forward fold. With all the forward fold options in this class your body might be more open than it usually is and you might be able to go a little deeper than normal. One of the forward folds we explore (Gorilla pose) also has the added benefit of a nice wrist stretch.