In this beginners course I’ll guide you through 30 yoga poses that are perfect for you if you’re just getting started. Each class is about 30 minutes. Bring a friend along and let’s practice yoga together!

Childs Pose (30 min)

In this class we will explore Child’s Pose. You will be guided through the nuances of Child’s Pose, ensuring proper alignment, exploring modifications and helping you to embrace the restorative benefits of this foundational pose. After you are familiar with the pose it will be incorporated into a short, beginner friendly yoga class.

15- Step-Up Move (33 mins)

This class is specially curated to highlight a tricky transition in yoga that you may have encountered: the Step Up Move. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi looking to refine your practice or a beginner eager to master this transition, this class is designed for all levels.

28- Modified Bridge Pose (27 mins)

29- Matsyasana (fish pose) (34 mins)