Ever wonder what the magic solution to aging gracefully is? You’re not alone. Aging gracefully is more than just reaching 90 or 100. There is a smart way to go about it- and exercise, diet, and yoga play a big role in that. Read on to learn more.

Aging gracefully

A pretty woman aging gracefully

Often times you may hear the phrase “age gracefully,” or “age well”  being thrown around. What does it really mean?

Aging gracefully is a term people say highlighting that the growing older experience may be done well. Even with changes to the body, wrinkles, and less mobility, people who have “aged gracefully,” still look and feel younger.

While this is the idea behind the term, aging gracefully means so much more than that.

Aging gracefully means accepting and embracing your life- no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake. It’s being grateful, making memories, and living a adventurous and good life and finding joy in it. No one is going to look like they’re in their twenties forever. And, that’s okay. Accepting that and not letting it limit you is a big step in aging gracefully.

Many “anti-aging” remedies out there promise drastic results that often times don’t quite live up to the hype.  By focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, through exercise and diet, and accepting who you are and what stage of life you’re in, you can age gracefully and feel young.

In order to age gracefully it is important to take your health seriously. Taking care of your mental and physical health is vital to ensuring happiness, strength, longevity while aging.


Woman exercising with dumbbells at home

Exercising is crucial. As you age your bones shrink in density and size. They weaken and are more prone to fracturing or other injuries.  Muscles lose strength, endurance, stamina, and flexibility as well. Exercise can help combat aging circumstances. Exercise helps lubricate the joints, keeps muscles strong and in good working conditions, and strengthens the bones.

The CDC recommends getting at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to help with aging gracefully.


Woman doing yoga indoors

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to help with aging gracefully. Yoga has amazing  benefits keeping you looking and feeling younger and strong. Yoga also is very therapeutic and can help with many injury related or medical conditions.

Yoga has many health benefits to people of all ages, but yoga can be very helpful for people over 50 especially. Many yoga poses can be done with limited mobility, back or joint pain, or other medical conditions. And poses you have difficulty with can always be modified to fit your individual needs.

Yoga is a gentle and safe exercise. It can help you strengthen and stretch your muscles, focus on breathing and being mindful, and restores and adds to energy levels. Yoga is often said to be anti aging. It is a wonderful way to stay in shape and feel great.

Yoga can help with:

  • Better balance
  • Reducing stress (which can in turn increase skin elasticity, and decrease wrinkles.)
  • Maintaining weight control
  • Easing pain from injuries or medical conditions
  • Detoxifying
  • Boosting immunity
  • Sharpening the mind
  • Increase peace
  • Vibrant mental and physical health
  • And so much more when it comes to aging gracefully.


Balanced diet concept: Fresh meat, fish, nut, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Diet is another wonderful factor that plays in aging well. Eating a healthy diet has a direct link between preventing diseases and living a long wholesome life.

Choose foods high in antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties like:

  • Fish

Fish is anti inflammatory food rich in Omega 3s. It offers a wide variety of health benefits.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt has many benefits and it offers you a probiotic boost- helping your gut flora thrive, and help with digestion. Yogurt and other dairy products also give you more calcium which is essentail for bone health. Just be aware of yogurts with high sugar levels which is not good. Plain or Greek yogurt are two examples of healthy yogurt.

  • Nuts

Nuts are high in B vitamins. Nuts help increase skin elasticity and structure. They increase collagen and help with brain and heart health.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-toxidants, and nutrients that are essential for vibrant health.

  • Fiber

Fiber is very important in digestion, lowering blood sugar, and keeping hunger in check. Fiber is also said to lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and constipation. Fiber also helps your gut microbiome thrive. Adults are recommended to eat 25-35 grams of fiber a day, but most only get 15. Eating foods high in fiber like chia seeds, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts.

  • Water

Drinking enough water is crucial for lubricating your joints and muscles, helping your body function normally,  keeping your skin supple and glowing, and so much more.

It’s also important to make sure you are getting in the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Some vitamins and minerals to make sure you are getting enough include vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and iodine.

 More tips to age well

A photo of two women in side vies while their eyes are closed

1. Get a good sleep

The old adage “getting my beauty rest,” is not wrong.  Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is important as you age. Sleep helps the body heal cognitively and physically, unwind from the day’s activities, restore energy levels, help your skin, and so much more.  Aim for 7-8 hours a night.

2.  Meditate

Stopping the busyness of life to focus on just breathing and thinking can do wonders for your whole person. It especially helps with aging gracefully and releasing stress. (Yoga incorporates a lot of meditation principles and techniques,) and it is a very good practice to get into.

3. Take care of your skin

To help you age gracefully it is important to take care of your skin. Wear sunscreen or a hat to protect your skin from the sun, don’t use harsh or irritable products on your skin, and wash your skin gently.

4. Enjoy the moment

Find things to smile and laugh about. Embrace and enjoy life. Happy people age gracefully. Also, remember that mental health matters.

You’re never too young to start thinking about aging gracefully. Starting healthy habits now will help you continue them in the future. Yoga, exercise, and diet all play a key role in aging gracefully and have many other benefits as well.