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Welcome. I am Jen Bonny and I’m an experienced yoga teacher with 8 years of teaching experience. I acquired my 200 hour certification from a Yoga Alliance accredited program, and have kept that certification up to date.

Having said that, I have a huge appetite for more knowledge and information in this field and I make it a priority in my life to attend classes and workshops as often as my schedule permits.

I am a Mother of 4, and I earned my Bachelor of Science from BYU in Recreation Management. When not doing yoga I can usually be found playing, working, or relaxing with family, including frequent tending of my adorable grandson! I am an outdoor enthusiast who especially loves hiking, cycling, and adventurous travel.

My Mission: I believe that if taught correctly Yoga will help you feel better mentally and physically.

I can honestly say that after almost every class I have participated in and taught, I have left feeling stronger physically and mentally, more relaxed and just happier:). This is what we call WELL-BEING, and It is my intent to pass this along to each person that takes this course.

My simple goal with each class is to have participants enjoy the experience and feel better at the end of the session than they did at the beginning.


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