Stay Active: Change Yoga From a “I Should Do That” to a Habit!

Stay Active: Change Yoga From a “I Should Do That” to a Habit!


Certified Yoga Instructor

Jen Bonny - Yoga Teacher - Utah

Jen Bonny

You are in very good hands! You will benefit from the most up-to-date information, and from my 20+ years of practice and 10 years of teaching. I am a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher, and have spent countless hours reading and researching. In addition to teaching, I continue to practice yoga regularly and I learn something new almost everyday.

However, even with my experience, just like you I am far from perfect in my practice as well as my teaching. This is why we call it yoga PRACTICE, not yoga PERFECTION! So don’t be intimidated by the challenge. Now is the time to start your journey with me to greater health and well-being.

I sincerely hope you enjoy practicing yoga with me and all its benefits it has to offer. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this course together every step of the way!



What some of my happy yoga students say…

You are about to experience yoga from a new fresh perspective.  If you have  had a yoga experience where you felt uncomfortable, too old and physically behind the class and not understanding yoga terminology, that is about to change.  Practicing yoga with Jen Bonny is like a breath of fresh air.  She takes the time to help you understand every move and every yoga term, even namaste!   Have fun and enjoy.

~ Janice Foster

Jen is an incredible yoga instructor. I’ve been going to her classes for years and followed her to a new studio. I always feel physically strong and mentally calm after every class. I feel confident in her instruction; she really knows her craft. She is always learning and studying the art of yoga in order to become a better instructor. I love Jen! 

~ Becky McGinnis

Jen Bonny is, quite simply, the best of the best when it comes to yoga teachers. Her classes are exhilarating and transformative for both the beginner and the experienced yogi. Any instructor can put together a challenging vinyasa sequence, but she has expertise that brings to the practice a deeper connection to body and mind . She is continually learning and bringing in new ideas to her classes. I always feel beautiful when I do yoga with Jen.

~ Tiffany Johnson

I enjoy a good fitness routine and have always liked the idea of adding regular yoga to my regime. Every time I would try a class, the instructors were condescending, the movements were confusing, some yoga weirdness occurred, or I was incapable of accomplishing what was being asked because it was painful. This was until I found Jen. Jen has a contagious love for the practice of yoga. 

She is a gifted teacher that makes yoga approachable not pretentious. She comes prepared with a variety of modifications or challenges for the maneuvers to make the practice a perfect fit for your level. She is a complimentary instructor and encourages you to achieve incremental change within each session. She focuses on what you can do and has the right balance of pushing you to do more. The best part of all… no weird yoga stuff. She makes the breathing seem normal/doable/helpful.

She explains why you say Namaste. If she does Oms at the end, she tells you why and allows you to choose whether to participate. I feel empowered when I finish her classes and want to practice again with her. Learning from Jen has changed my yoga outlook. I am so glad I found a solution to my yoga issues.

~ Tami Bean

I have been practicing yoga for several years and Jen is the best yoga instructor I have ever had the privilege of being instructed by. She puts a lot of thought into each yoga session and plans, prepares, and practices in advance. She is a certified instructor and teaches proper form for poses that are commonly misunderstood or practiced incorrectly such as chaturanga, up dog, down dog, warrior poses, and knee and ankle alignment in lunges.

She is very clear and easy to follow in her instruction which allows me to focus more on my practice. Jen instructs how to breath while practicing yoga and emphasizes matching breath with movement. This helps me achieve my body’s best version of various poses. Sometimes Jen incorporates poses, arm balances, and inversions that are challenging but achievable.

I often leave class feeling more confident in my strength and more grateful for my abilities. She is aware of everyone in her classes and offers individual assistance to people who are new to yoga or who might need help achieving their best version of a specific pose. Jen is also very friendly, never makes anyone feel incapable or intimidated, and takes time to introduce herself to people who are new to class.

~ Amie Ingram


6 major benefits & outcomes


6 major benefits & outcomes